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This Pokemon Gold Rom is the second instalment of its series of role playing video game, developed by Gamefreak and made available by Nintendo for Game Boy Color. It was launched in 1999 in the country Japan then later in North America and Australia. It introduces 100 new species of the previous design and follows the progress of the former character, in which you have to choose. It is considered by many as the best game to have and have fun with. Not only that, is been confirmed that this year, the game series were 90M units since it is the number 1 game played by many people around the world without experiencing any form of issues or delay in its operation.

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Bear in mind that this is the official page for a working Rom, designed to work smoothly on your portable type of device without breaching the process in which the device is made to work. Also, you should stop forcing those fake ones to work properly on your gadget, just take this opportunity and use something that is properly researched and approved to be the best.

Before this site was made available online, proper research was made in order to figure out the best. We had to contact different sites and take detailed analysis with proper testing, just to pick a good one. In all, we didn’t get what we really want. Many of those sites posted outdated Rom of this series, they never care to check and update their page. So, we had to contact the developer for the right one and we got a response. It is the best approach which we would have done without wasting time on those acclaimed download sites.

Features of this Gold Rom

Since the game retained the basis style of capturing, evolving and battling introduced by Pokemon Blue and Red, new features were implemented. A cool time system was added using a real-time clock that monitor the current time and day of every week. Certain events were added in the appearance. New items were also included to make it super b. There was presence of berry, which are in many forms and can restore your health and even cure your status. It can also boost you during battle. Not only that, Poke Balls were even introduced, as it makes catching easier in many events. A watch, radio, map and phone which allows a play to hook up with other characters and offer their number was also introduced. This is known as Pokemongear.

The game also introduced Suicune, Entei, Raikuo and some new types of legend that move around different locations. They can be tracked and can also flee once encountered, but it always tends to retain its HP loss. You can also see a shiny, which has different species that is rare. Not only that, with the introduction of breeding, one of two of this are assigned to each group to produce and egg and hatch later. This hatched egg will inherit species of the mother and stay away from the father. Nevertheless, these all makes the game more interesting.

You can even watch the video below to learn more about its amazing features.

Is this Pokemon Gold ROM Download Free?

There is no need in selling what we acquired freely from the developer of the game. But you can support us by simply filling a short sponsor survey at the download page. You can check our disclaimer to know how we will handle your data concerning this stage.

Take note that we are not in any way leaching the game to unreliable people but to humans that have good knowledge of what it is all about. So, for this reason, all proxy access is currently restricted from getting a working copy of this free ROM.

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How safe is this Pokemon ROM Version?

With many releases discussed on the internet, we know that some of them are infected. But here, you will get a virus free improved version of the game which is scanned and does not contain any worm or unwanted embedded program. So, you are free to get and share with many people around your location. But before you do so, try and spread word about the existence of this website by clicking on any of those share buttons above and you will be amazed on how people will thank you for letting them know where to get a working pokemon gold rom free download.